Silent Worship – Finding my place in The Gap

Lately, I have found my mornings to be much easier. I wake up and make some coffee and get ready for our (mostly) daily common prayer gathering. My roommate may or may not be up yet and I often find myself in the relative silence of my bedroom for a few moments. This is my moment; I live for this lately. The common prayer gatherings that I do with my friends are wonderful and I wouldn’t trade them, but this silence is my place of comfort. Cody Mask recently offered to let me read a book by J. Brent Hill, a commentator on Quaker spirituality.

His book has given me some insight into the act of worship that I have been partaking in every morning before I start my day. I look forward to exploring this more in the weeks to come. Hill gives a good description for the Quaker practice of Holy Silence.

“This appreciation for the divinely mysterious presence of God all around us is one of the things that makes Quaker silence holy. It helps us slow down and appreciate God’s goodness to us. It enables us to see the Divine mark upon all of life’s goodness…Quaker silence enables men and women at any level of spiritual life to join in silent contemplation and worship whenever and wherever they are, physically and spiritually. For almost 400 years, ordinary people have been gathering together in silence and worshiping. In doing so they find themselves empowered to live well, and better, in the world.” -J. Brent Hill Holy Silence: The gift of Quaker Spirituality

Growing up I always heard the phrase, “Be still and know that I am God.” I always thought it had something to do with anxiety, and maybe it does, but I am starting to take this literally. I am starting to enjoy the time when I can just sit and commune with Christ. There is no expectation from me to speak powerful and heartfelt words to him. Jesus knows my heart and I don’t always have to express it. I have found true joy in this act. I can just sit and be, and wait expectantly for his spirit. I believe that He is faithful to this.

I also had a dear friend explain to me the joy he finds in the immediate moment that he wakes up in the morning. He described to me the moment when you wake up from a heavy sleep and you are a temporary amnesiac; the moment where you don’t know who you are or where you are. He said that gap is where love resides. The ego is lost and we can simply be. That is the place that I am currently exploring and searching for the face of Jesus. I believe I and others will begin to find him there as we begin to practice the act of Holy Silence. I hope you will join me in this journey towards Christ.